Anchor links on website doesn't work properly

I have a portfolio website and it has a little bug.
When you normally click on the link and enter the website if you click the nav contact button (goes to section, not new page)it will not go to the start of the section, but a little bit before it.

If you explore the site a little bit, click some anchor links, or come closer to the section and then click the contact button it will go directly where it should to the start of the section.

If you click contact and it doesn’t go where it needs and then you click again it will go down as it should.
If you open the link in a new tab (ctrl + click) it will work properly.
Why it doesn’t work right?

Can someone help?
If you don’t understand right please say I will try to explain better.

Here is the website link:
Try to copy the link in the browser and enter it with ctrl.

Here is the read-only link: Webflow - Portfolio | Lazar Marilović

Hi @LazarM ,

You could try setting all the images in the About and Portfolio section to Load: Eager instead of Load: Lazy - this can cause anchor link issues because of the calculation of the page height on initial load (because these images aren’t accounted for):

If you’re still having issues after trying this, please let me know and I’ll dig deeper into this issue for you.

I did exactly what you said and it fixed the problem. Thank you so much for help.

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