Anchor links lead to wrong positions on first load

Hi, people!

I´m having a problem with anchor-links in my sticky nav bar leading to the wrong position - that is, quite a bit above the sections they´re is supposed to go to. It only happens the first time after loading the webpage, after that they work as they are supposed to. Also, the problem only applies to some of the anchor-links (ex. “Kontakt” or “Opslagstavle”).

I´ve tried all sorts of stuff including forcing some of the heavier images to load with the page, can´t get it to work properly. As a webflow newbie I would be so glad to get any help with this - thx!


Christian, DK

Hi @Christian_Mose-Chris ,

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I’d definitely recommend compressing those larger images (the flower, the rocks and the window) - you can use and the reupload/replace.

That’s a good place to start, setting the images to load: eager - Would you also be able to send through the published site for testing? I’m unable to replicate on the Desginer.


Hi Milan,

great - thanks for your reply! I´ll try what you suggest right away.

Here is the published site:

I really appreciate your help!

Kind regards Chr

Hurray! your suggestion did the trick, as far as I can see it works fine now!
Thanks a lot!
Kind regards Chr

and I´ll donate to MSF right away… (in that business myself, too)