CMS pages interlinking with other CMS pages

Hey guys!

I’m new posting on this discussion board but I’ve been working in Webflow for a couple of months and ran into a problem.

I’m trying to link a button from one CMS to another CMS (from Services to Blog Posts). However every time I try to link (I’ve tried buttons, link blocks, copying the link and putting into CMS item) it keeps giving me my Webflow error page. How do I link these 2 CMS’s together?

Here is my public share link: ** Webflow - Copy of**
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You’re almost there, just need a link or linkblock element inside of your Services collection list.

Thank you! I was thinking the CMS had to be on its own page but I makes way more sense for the CMS to be on a different page so that linking would work. Thank you for the video, it was a great help!