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Anchor link from dynamic item to same dynamic item on another page?

I’d like to try and link the front page ‘In Development’ links to the actual project under ‘Development’ page.

Is there a way to do this?

The text and links on front page are pulling from the same ‘collection’ in my CMS.

Here’s the active site:

What I’m trying to accomplish:

  1. While on ‘Homepage’, User clicks on text link under ‘In Development’
  2. User is taken directly to project area/section on ‘Development’ page

Here is my site Read-Only:

Within a collection list, a list item can dynamically be linked to its detail page, not to another matching collection list item on some other page.

Gotcha, so a list item to link to it’s ‘pre-created’ detail page?

There’s no special way to anchor link elsewhere by adding some sort of ‘item’ or ‘text’ in the item…?

Would love if this was an option! I’m sure it’d help in other areas…

You can do it. You would just need html embeds referencing a cms entry you used as the anchor.

Here is a read only link to an example .

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Thank you!!!

I opened the ‘read-only’ and when I ‘preview’ it, it seams to take me to a webflow 404…

I’m clicking the link under the header of each item!

Would love to get this to work! Let me know if I just need to copy the code and if it’ll only work on published site?


You should look to see how I did it. Look at the collection fields, I used linkid as the one I used to hold the anchor value. Then in the first collection list I targeted the second list with an embed code for the link, and on the second list I added an embed with a>h1 #cms-linkid as the anchor.

You then would need to implement the same strategy using your collection and collection lists and embeds.

That being said, I don’t know why you would do this. Most people would be confused.

Ahhhh, ok! I gotcha.

I would then need to give each ‘collection item’ a ‘linkid’ name, correct?

Yes, we’re not going to specific ‘blog-posts’ but rather a list of items. So I wanted the user to be able to get ‘more-info’ for that ‘item’ but when you do so, it doesn’t have it’s own page, the more info is shared on a page with a ‘list’ that has more info on that item…

Hope that makes sense…

Thank you! I think it may be too much for the client, just to have it link to basically the item that’s at the top of the list on the ‘development page’ [the page those links are linking to] anyways.

You have to have unique value for an anchor you want to target, so yes, you would need that for each item in the target list.

Thank you again for your help!

Since you are an anchor link master, maybe you can help with this issue: Anchor Links Do NOT Work in Safari Browser

I have standard anchor links that DO WORK in Firefox and Chrome, but for some reason DO NOT WORK in Safari. Sorry for ‘caps’, I just know some other people that looked at my post, didn’t realize it was NOT working on only Safari browsers…

Any help like always is much appreciated!

You the man!