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Anchor link jumps instead of scrolling


I’m having some problems with my anchor links.
Instead of scrolling to the desired position, they ‘jump’ to the position.

When you press on the underlined link beneath the big heading, it should scroll to the next section.
But in this page it jumps.

Doe anybody have a solution for this issue? Am i missing something?

PS: website is still under construction.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey @rikmockers

Check out your project and that link is scrolling the page as expected for me. Please check the settings on your computer for reduced motion. If that setting is turned on either in the browser or computer settings, that preference will be respected and the page movement will be instant.

Here is some more information on the feature and why we believe it is important to respect the settings. Smooth-scroll setting will soon respect user preferences | Webflow Features

Let me know if that is in fact what is happening for you and if you have any questions.


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Thank you so much! It does work, but i did have the setting activated on my computer to reduce motion apparantly.

This solved it. Now i can go in and test the scroll speed.

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