Anchor link issues on horizontal scroll website

Hi, this is my first attempt at creating a website in Webflow. My client is set on having a horizontal scrolling page and I’m having real problems getting the section anchors to work properly on the desktop view (I haven’t started designing the tablet / mobile view yet but will also need a solution that works for a vertical scrolling page on these devices too).

I need the nav links to scroll to the correct section wherever you are on the page. They also seem to jump on to another part of the page if you hit the link twice so I’ve obviously done something wrong in the creation of them but not sure what!

Also, the animations I have used are very glitchy in Safari - is there anything I can do to make them work properly?

Sorry, I know there are some other things I need to sort out regarding the height of some of the sections but hope it works enough to give an idea of the website. If anyone could offer any advice on the above that would be amazing!

Many thanks,


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Bethany Joy