Anchor link in same page not working

Hello, I am currently working on the 21-day portfolio and I’m trying to set up the anchor link so that when I click on the projects button on my nav bar, it scrolls down to the projects section on the same page. I followed the tutor step by step and when I click on the button, it gives me a blank screen( i attached a screenshot of it). Seeing as the tutorial was recorded last year, I’m guessing the settings for the anchor link have changed. Would appreciate any help i can get, thanks.

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - Webflow portfolio class)

Here is my published link :


at the URL you have '/#projects

Change it to #projects

If you want the nav to also link to sections on the homepage from other pages — you can leave the slash in the path but @Alkoreiel was right, you certainly should not have the ' before it.

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It’s important. Anchors will not work on all pages, have tag <base> in head (but root page), if href of anchor is page-relative (begins with #).

For example you are on the page:

Base tag on page like this:

<base href="">

In code of this page there is an anchor:

<a href="#anc">anchor</a>

With base-tag it’ll follow to Example Domain , not what was expected.

To resolve this issue, you can do one of this:

  1. Use domain-relative anchor.
  2. Overload anchor click with javascript and swap url to domain-relative.
  3. Delete base tag - it is often unused.