Anchor links broken?

Following along with the Webflow 21 day portfolio lesson and I am on the part of the “Accessibility Audit” video where I am validating all the links on my site.

I followed the instructions exactly and the anchor link for the “Projects” option in the header does not function.

I even went ahead and cloned the project and tried it, in two different browsers (Chrome and Firefox, both fully updated) and it still doesn’t work, seems like the function as it was implemented in the video is broken/no longer works properly, i.e. clicking the Projects link does absolutely nothing when implemented as instructed.

I was able to partly replicate the desired outcome by changing the Nav Link Settings Type to Section instead of External URL, but that only works on the homepage, not from any of the project pages.
Anyone find a solution to this, or is this just a known broken feature?

can you reply with your project’s share link so we can help further?

My bad, I copied it over but must have deleted it when I was editing

I am having the exact problem - any help would be apprieciated

@Liam_Graham your Project link URL has a grave accent ( ` ) in front, I’m guessing that’s the issue. Try removing that.