Although my Collection Page is 6, only one collection page option appears when adding a link block

Hi folks!! Hope you all doing well!

I don’t know why; I’m designing a new announcement page. While there are currently six collection pages, only one collection page option appears when I try to link (binding).

The problem in the below:

Here is the my collection pages:

But when I try to link one of the these pages, it appears only one option :

Have you encountered such a problem before? Do you know how I can solve it?

Your help is very important to me

Linking to a collection page using the purple collection link feature requires a collection item as context. You’ll see that option when you are configuring a link that’s inside of a collection list, or on a collection page - and it will always relate to the collection & item you’re viewing.

If you want to link directly to a collection page in another collection, you can do that using a literal link, like-