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PDFs / Docs New Feature Uploads + CMS?

Great news on the pdf/document upload feature release! Well done Webflow team.

The only thing is, I’m struggling to understand how to use this within the CMS.

Please, someone tell me that this has not been released without the ability upload docs within the CMS…??

Fingers and toes crossed that I don’t have to continue to use dropbox after waiting so long for this feature.

There will be a serie of updates, this is the first! Lets have a little patience…

I hope the updates come soon!.. Patience is a fine thing, but I’m starting to lose it now, considering this feature has been requested and been ‘in the pipeline’ for the past 3 years.

If your patience is thinning, you can always look for a workaround.


  1. add a new link field in your CMS
  2. copy your PDF link from your asset manager
  3. paste the link into your new field

As for the feature being requested for over 3 years, just remember that making something easy to use is hard. Making something hard to use is easy. :wink:



Ah, thanks @PixelGeek
Great workaround.
Looking forward to the update :slight_smile:

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YAAAASSS! Thank you guys. Appreciate your work on this. :raised_hands: :tada:

Please follow along with this wishlist post for the CMS/Editor additions to this feature:

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