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Alignment issue

Tearing my hair out - I can’t work out why these collection lists are not level despite using the same classes for each column. It’s inside the main menu symbol (desktop only).


Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hey @ConnectCreativeDes,

My menu is a little different to yours in the read-only link (Or I might be in the wrong place), but I’ll try and give you a hand.

The main fixes are basically through setting a min-height of 35px and then removing the varying padding applied to properties. One of the menu headings had additional padding.

Here’s a quick loom video:

Let me know if this helps mate!

Hey @ConnectCreativeDes

Loving the super menu you’ve built there! :+1:

Just a couple of things causing the issue, here is a quick video to explain.
Hope that helps! :smiley:


EDIT: Didn’t realise @Thomas_92 did a reply too sorry! That way is better as I didn’t account for the other rows, only the ones with the icons.

Thank you so much guys, I really appreciate the videos and explanation here - I’ve resolved it by following them and all working great now!

Thanks again for taking the time to make the videos and interesting to compare both of them in helping me resolve this - thank you!! :slight_smile: