Margin/padding issue

I’m having trouble removing the margin in the images above. In the editor & preview below, it looks fine but on the live site I still see the margin, please help

Here is my share link

The page is called Old Home

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Try removing the float left property on the collection item and making it display inline block.

Excellent, thank you

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hey @PHRyan looks like its not working again. on the published page at least

Can you put the link to the published site here?

Thanks, here

There is no spacing on my screen. The only thing I see is on the steaks tab they don’t line up. But that’s what the float none display inline-block option should fix. For some reason the default collection items never work for me.

I really want steak now! :drooling_face:

All of the collections in each tab have different class settings. What’s the reason behind this if you don’t mind me asking?

You can use flex box to align things a lot easier, and you can then replicate each collection without having to style it again for each and every tab, and that way the design remains consistent.

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Do you mean Collection Wapper settings or Collection Item or something else with regard to class settings?

Each menu section is slighty different mainly because the wine pricing structure is different to the steak pricing structure but I am open to making improvements to make it more efficient so have a look and let me know when you can.