Alignment Issue Homepage


Can anyone tell me why on the homepage, the columns are not aligning in the first row? I have attached a couple of pics to demonstrate. It seems like the second column is about 1 pixel lower than the left hand column - reading the words ‘Branding’ and ‘Stay.’

Thank you.

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I’m looking at it now… I feel baffled haha. I’m going to look a bit more.

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Sorry Noah, I was on it for long minutes already :smiley:

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Ahhhhh yes… Now it’s fixed. Thank you!

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Great catch man!!! Lol, I was like… ok what the hell is going on here haha.

It was too simple for us to catch it quick…. Because you’re first spending time with “Ahhh it’as a grid” and “Wait why is there 1 collection list for each cell?” then… and you lose focus, right? :smiley:

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Yes exactly! That’s what it was. Always the simple things :weary: lol