Align the top and bottom of my CMS items not working

Hi everyone!

I am trying to align the top of these two boxes together as well as the bottom because the text inside is longer for one CMS element and shorter for the other

I adjusted the bottom so they are aligned, but now the top names and job titles are not in line with each other.

What can I do to fix this? Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only:Webflow - Cleat Street
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I got the top to align in the workspace, but now when I hit preview it is unaligned again. I don’t think it’s a bug because I closed out and opened it again and it is still not working properly.

hi @summerslough all you need is to create different structure I was able to do that just check Navigator structure. then I used combination of FlexBox and Grid to make it happened. Both cards have ALWAYS same height (follow more text content) and read more has always same position on the bottom.

I had to strip out all of your css because of new structure but there will be no issue recreate your design again

are you able to take a video or show me the design attributes on the right panel as well? I haven’t figured this out yet.