Aligning CMS items horizontally?

On the above, if you look at the ‘Visit Website’ buttons for each of the CMS items, they are not aligned. I understand why it’s happening (some brand names/taglines are longer than others) but I can’t seem to figure out a way to get them to align (along with the other elements) I’ve tried flexbox & grid but still the same effect.

Anyone has any ideas?

Read only link - Webflow - Minimal-list

Hello, if you make that button to top Margin to Auto let’s try this one hope this work

Can you post your webflow read-only link? Learn More. so I can show you in the context of your project a couple of solutions.

Need share link but guess is:
Your flex parent should have align = stretch
The tiles will need height = 100%

Button bottom align can be done a few ways.

  1. Set your tile to relative positioning, put your buttons into a div that has absolute bottom positioning
  2. Set your tile to flexbox vertical and justification to “distribute evenly” The middle elements will not align so you have to put the button in a div and the rest of the content into a div. Having two will keep content up top and button at bottom.

Just shared the read only link in the OP above :+1:

It looks like my padding might be the culprit but cant’ quite figure out why it’s happening…