Align blocks/elements at the left side as well as the right side in the same container / section


I’m new to webflow. I’d like to align blocks at the start/left as well as at the end/right inside the same container. There doesn’t seem to be any option to do this.

I’ve now tried to solve this for 3 hours, and watched a lot of tutorials, to no avail. What I’ve found out is that I could use ‘columns’, and set the single columns to flexbox, so that i can then specify the alignment inside the column to be left/right. Is this the correct way to do this?

To specify: I’d like the content to behave like in the navbar, where you have link-blocks that align left, as well as the ‘logo block’ that stays on the right. However, the navbar doesn’t seem to have that option configured in the styling panel.

Hi @alessandrovitali

Do you want to have image/text on the left side, then image/text on right side; alternating left, right, left, etc? Staggering down the page?

No, I just wanted several blocks to justify left, and several on the right.

I managed to solve the issue by using multiple nested div-blocks.

Okay gotcha. I was going to say, just use the Webflow component blocks. Then just style them as you wish. No need to create each one from scratch.