One minute in... and I can't figure out how to left align my div block

I’m embarrassed to ask this.

I wanted to learn webflow so I started the portfolio tutorial. I am at the 55 seconds in to this video:

I want to follow the instructions until I get a feel for things. But I don’t have a left-align option for my div box. Here are the options that I have: com

Can someone point me in the right direction on this? Thanks so much. I know this is really dumb.

Here is my site Read-Only:

If you are using flexbox, the alignment is set on the flex item, the parent of your div.

Im stuck on this too! I have tried watching it step by step multiple times but can’t figure it out. Any suggestions at all would be super appreciated

Hi @samdickie

To expand on Vincent’s explanation, select the ‘Container’ element instead (it’s the ‘parent’ of your ‘div block’) and you should see various options for left, right, centre alignment.

The ‘container’ - parent has control over where the ‘div block’ - child is positioned.

Hope that helps - there’s a learning curve, but well worth pushing through!

cc @Hadley_Crowl

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