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Aiming a div block with absolute position inside another block

Hi, WF designers

In my design I placed a divblock on top of the picture, inside of another block, and it worked well. It’s position shows this (like its aimed withtin the block I meant)

But, when I want to put another divblock in absolute position on top of the embeded map, inside another divblock it goes outside the frame div on top of the page and is aimed to body

How do I put it inside of my Map Div in the bottom? How do I change that ‘aiming’?

WF domen link

Design link

Hi. Here is the positioning rule:

An object is positionned regarding its closest positionned parent.

So in order to position your Contact Panel div regarding to its parent, the Map div, you need to… position the Map div. To do so, just give it position:relative. It’s not going to make any visual change to this div but it will “position it”, making it the reference for its closest positionned childs.

Once you know this rule, positioning is a no-brainer.

Your first element is well positionned because the column element, 2 steps upper, get position:relative.


Thanks a lot, vincent, now it’s all clear. I will get it fixed now.

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