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How to positioning div blocks with Absolute?


here is the link to my project

Currently i have two sections on the site. I’m having issues on the second section. all the div blocks that i have included to the individual item on the dynamic list will shift to the top of the list ( rather than to the absolute position of each item )when i put it to absolute. is there a way i can set it to the individual item of list.

basically i need for the items on the list to follow the same format as the first section on the site but i can’t seem to make that happen. do help. Thanks a lot!!


You’ve got to learn the Absoulte positioning rule, and once that done you’ll be a Knight Of The Perfect Positioning (claim your badge!)

The rule:

An Element poisitioned with position:absolute is positioned regarding its CLOSEST POSITIONED PARENT.

To do that, we give position:relative to said parent. It has no visial effect but give the parent a positioning attribute.

So if you want the elements to be positionned regarding the cells of your dynamic list, select the first cell (Dynamic item) give it a class name (“dynitem” for example) and click on position:relative

Now all the contents should position:absolute in each cell.

Hi Vincent,

I finally get it! Thanks a lot! omg this is too exciting! Thanks again! It took me like probably a month or two to figure out this concept of positioning! Thanks again!!!


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