After effect animation not working with Lottie on Webflow

Hello community, I hope everyone’s doing great!

I’m completely new to Webflow (and to web design to be honest :grimacing:) so I’m kinda struggling with a few things including the following:

I have been trying to create an animated gradient background with particles for my website. So I created it in After Effects, following this tutorial: Animated Gradient - After Effects Tutorial [EASY] - No plug-ins - YouTube

I have followed words by words Webflow’s tutorial on how to get a json file with bodymovin and on how to implement it on Webflow.

However the Lottie section remains completely blank: it’s just dark grey and doesn’t show anything at all.

I’ve been trying to find answers all over the internet, but without any success…

Thanks in advance for your help! :raised_hands:

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