Lottie is not rendering

Hello! So far I have tried two different ways to create my lottie animation.

  1. I designed the vectors in illustrator using gradients and textures.
  2. I designed it in After Effects using gradients and, set matte and texture.

both ways my lottie not rendering correctly and not showing up on my webpage.

This is the result I get

This is the result that I would like

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here are my links

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Same issue for me. No idea what the problem is.

Did you make sure you activated the “include in json” in the asset section of Bodymovin’s settings

around minute 6 Asset settings video

Also, if you import the json in lottie files, does it work properly?

Hello! Yes it turns out lottie does not support certain effects like wave warp. I have moved on to using background videos. After I finally figured out how to export transparent background and thought everything was peachy now they do not play on mobile.