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Affirm & Klarna Loans (customer paying monthly vs. the entire amount)

Are any of these two compatible with Webflow?

If not, which one wud you suggest?

According to Klarna, as long as Webflow can implement the Shopify buy button, it should work.

These are screenshots of their demo store.

Live example of a Squarspace store with a Shopify buy button ( using the Klarna integration).

Hi all.
Josh from Foxy here. Our new Klarna integration is about to go live. We support 100+ other gateways and alternative payment methods and integrate seamlessly with Webflow, allowing you to securely sell any type of product. More info can be found here:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance.


Thanx Josh…!

Two questions:

1. As low as $_____ per month
With the Foxy + Klarna integration are we able to display the monthly payment amount on the product page (next to the buy button), like this sample below?


2. Foxy charge
To be clear, on top of what the payment processors (like Stripe, Google) charge (i.e. 3% of the sale), there’s a Foxy charge per transaction, plus 3 price choices, correct?

Hi @Ash_Lee.
No problem at all. I’m not 100% for sure on how Klarna info will be displayed, but I do know for sure that we can show you how to dynamically add payment info (based on total price and number of payments) next to your purchase button.

With Foxy, your first 100 transactions each month are included in the monthly ($20/mo) or annual ($180/yr) pricing. We only charge a transaction fee if you exceed 100 transactions in any given month. The transactions fee has a minimum of 1 cent and a maximum of 15 cents.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have further questions. :slight_smile:


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Thanx You Josh!

Josh… I apologize for the following questions, as I’m a newbie on this platform and finally about to prepare the actual site.

2% Webflow Fee
Webflow charges 2% transaction fee on the standard e-commerce package — if the transaction is executed via Foxy, do they still hold on tight to the 2% fee?

Having multiple payment options is a great feature of Foxy. I’m sure it helps convert AOV to the better.

Shopping Cart
Is the Foxy shopping cart and checkout is customizable?

Hi @Ash_Lee.
No worries at all. Since Foxy completely bypasses Webflow’s Ecommerce offering their limitations and fees are not applied. Foxy will work with any of Webflow’s hosting plans (even sites hosted externally).

All Foxy templates are 100% customizable. We have step by step instructions on how to add your own header/footer in Webflow. Customizing specific elements (ex: input fields) will require adding custom css, but we can walk you through this and are available for help every step of the way.


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@foxy: Is klarna foxy solution live now? We like to add klarna checkout in our website. Is it possible to have a demo skype call?

Hi @Mubeen.
It’s not live yet, but we’re pretty close. I’m more than happy to hop on a Skype call next week or if you’d rather wait until the integration is live, that will work too. Just let me know.


Hi all.
Looks like we forgot to follow up on this thread. Klarna integration is live. Use Foxy to sell any type of product and collect payments via Klarna inside of your Webflow site.

More info about our seamless Webflow integration can be found here: We offer an unlimited free trial and free one-on-one onboarding. Please let us know if we can help you get started.


Hi all!

I am happy to share my latest project where I have integrated Klarna Checkout with Webflow.

Webflow Showcase:

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