Advice on image file size for portfolio website


I’m building a graphic design portfolio site with a lot of images on the homepage, and then about 10 images or so on each CMS project page. I obviously want the images to look nice and crisp, but wondering what the general advice is on good file size (and format?) for images on a website, to ensure they load OK. A lot of the images are creeping up to 1mb which seems much larger than they should be, but reducing the quality when exporting them is making them look rubbish and pixellated.

Any advice welcome!


Hi @Tom_O_Boyle,

Typically you want images to be ~200-300kb or smaller and background images can be 1080px or 1920px wide to make sure they run smoothly.

You can use a service like or to optimize your images.

If you like, you can send a link to your live site through and I can have a look at the size of the page.


Thanks - here you go

I’ve started going through and deleting some of the worst offenders on the homepage, and running the images through ShortPixel and reuploading them. I guess I just need to keep doing this for the rest of the site - but would appreciate your thoughts!