Advice? Best strategy for a 'particular' CMS Collection page to only show to Search Engines based on a TAG

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Is there a way to tell a CMS Collection ‘page’ to only show itself to Search Engines according to a specific parameter e.g. a TAG of some kind?

The main reason I need this is to be able to duplicate CMS items (each a different page demonstrating each different service we provide) for Google Ad purposes. So for example, let’s say each CMS page is primarily created for Organic Search Results, yet I also need to advertise a keyword/phrase variant of that particular CMS page on Google Ads, so technically the page will then be ‘almost’ identical apart from say a different Page Title and URL (and I’d probably need 10 different versions based on the 10 different Google Ad keyword/phrase variations). ‘Importantly’ I then need to ‘exclude’ these particular Google Ad variant CMS pages from Search Engines to prevent the issue of content duplication, as they will ‘solely’ be for a Google Ads (I might also have Social Media specific versions aswell for instance).

What I don’t want to have to really do is duplicate that whole CMS, and only have it for those Google Ad page requirements and thus tell that secondary CMS to be excluded by Search Engines, as it will just become messy, particularly when I need to add new original pages to the main CMS (and then have to reduplicate the whole CMS all over again).

Any help advice would be greatly appreciated.

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You could add a switch field with a value and then include some custom code that creates a robots meta tag in the head of the document. Search engines will honor the value set even if set with JavaScript.

Thanks Jeff. Notice my last comment on Dynamicly add noindex/nofollow to specific CMS pages - #23 by Graphic_Bunnies

Do you think this would work?

@steessex - I recommend you test and evaluate if it meets your needs. If you need professional services help feel free to DM me.