Advanced sorting/filtering from the CMS Panel/On-Page Editor

Looking at creating an image gallery with cms . I there a way to order the images manually in the collection instead of by creation date? I would like to give clients the option to add more pictures or lightboxes. As for photgraphers and artists this is an important thing to be able to do themselves. Or is this something in the works??

Hi @jbleroux, from what it sounds like, the Site Admin is the only person who can arrange items and it would be done from inside the Designer.

We are working on adding the ability to sort and re-order Collection Items as well as advanced ordering/filtering from inside the CMS Panel and On-page Editor but no ETA on this. Hopefully soon!

You could create an “Order” Number field in your collection, and assign a numeric value to each image, then sort by that field

sounds good @thewonglv and @brryant that may work as a temporary solution. I know it is something people will want to have some function of for adding images to the gallery on their own. On a similar note I followed the instructions to create a custom lighbox which covers creating it with an interaction So for the inside of the lightbox so I just need to create an image placeholder, a slider placeholder and a text placeholder. Basically is it possible to create something like this sortable gallery but with CMS instead of having it static? As it is now

creating custom lightbox here

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