Adult Website -, and Memberstack


I’m creating a directory website with memberships and I would like to use memberstack, webflow, airtable etc but I don’t want to use stripe with memberstack. I want to push the payment gateway to The reason for this is because my website is adult content (to a degree) and it sits on the fence of Stripe’s list of banned businesses. I don’t want to build this only to be locked in with memberstack and then have stripe cancelled on me. I’d be stuck and have to move to a different member platform entirely and it’d break the business.

My current thinking is if I use @foxy as the payment gateway and then have those payments processed by and linked together? The only reason I’d zap is purely because it integrates with The problem with this is I don’t believe recurring payments can occur outside of memberstack which is also a deal-breaker.

That aside, was thinking something like webflow to airtable, memberstack, and, then to, back to, and onto airtable, memberstack and webflow. This isn’t something I’ve done before so I’m not sure if it’s possible at all. None of the no-code SaaS products seem to work for the adult industry given they’re all integrated with stripe. (outseta, memberstack, memberspace).

Any ideas, or rough ideas on whether this would work? I really want to use webflow for this. :frowning:


…and to add, I’m just trying to work out what stack I need. Strangely, stripe does allow some questionable apps and businesses to use their gateway (e.g. onlyfans and grindr and many more which are extremely explicit in comparison to my site). Because I’m purely selling a membership to an adult marketing website I don’t feel like ‘my’ business is breaking their prohibited businesses list. The fee I take is for marketing only, not for what their business actually does. :roll_eyes: :innocent:

Slightly off topic but this is confusing.

Hi @Andrew_E.
Josh with Foxy here. Thanks for the ping. We do support high-risk products/services. Please email us details on your site so we can ensure it’s within our TOS: Also, it needs to be within Webflow’s TOS. So you’ll want to reach out to them as well.

Foxy supports subscriptions: How to Set Up Recurring Payments and Subscriptions with Foxy + Webflow

In addition, we have an embeddable customer portal, memberships, paywall functionality and more: So you most likely do not need Memberstack.

Please email us so we can review your site. Also, please send details on your needs so we can confirm what technologies are needed:



Thanks Josh, i realise can achieve some of this but I did prefer memberstack given everything else they offer. Foxy is a little light on content and examples so it’s hard to say “ah yes this is what I need”… but I’ll send you a message.

I didn’t even consider webflow terms. Based on the terms anything that has adult themes is a no.

WTF, that’s so generic. So nude art isn’t allowed? What about before and after photos of breast augmentation, or the sale of sex toys?

What about adult dating, that’s adult content… so it really is for basic shitty marketing sites?

I’m not using WordPress for this, it’s too slow…

This is really frustrating… i would guess Webflow terms probably need to follow that of stripe and Wells Fargo, or investors.

It’s like monoculture for SaaS products.

This is correct since Webflow uses Stripe. Please contact if you’d like to discuss the site in detail and see what the Webflow legal team says about your use-case.