Adsense issues on mobile

Hi folks, I’m not only new to Webflow, but a novice designer too. So I hope my problem is actually really simple :relaxed:

When I publish to check layout etc, I find my Google Adsense banner is not showing, occasionally it will show in desktop only, but never in mobile.

I have seen the ad code working live, and despite refreshing the code and also clearing all class attributes for the embed block, I cannot display the ad consistently.

If someone could shed any light on this continual frustration, I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks all.

Hi @Philip_Walker,
AdSense sometimes is pretty weird (my personal opinion). Did I understand correct, you choose commercial block, which has to be responsive?

What I would do:

  1. for desktop and tablet views leave this block, but make it display: none on mobile.
  2. create another block in AdSence for mobile view (they have blocks which 320 px wide) and add it only for mobile view (make it display:none for desktop and tablet)

Also it maybe not the best solution and maybe somebody else will give better advice.


Hey @Philip_Walker I have encountered this issue as well. The reason why you are having this happen on desktop is most likely because of Ad Blockers. If you have any elements with the word “Ad” in it, they will often times just not display at all. So just rename the class of your “adsense main banner” to maybe, just “main banner”. And then follow @sabanna’s directions for the mobile banner. :slight_smile: Please let me know if this solves the issue, if not we can continue to trouble shoot. Thanks!

Waldo :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys for your responses, they make perfect sense and I will surely give them a go.

Thanks again.

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Hi @sabanna and @Waldo, I have tried both your suggestions. Sadly what ever effect they had was short lived :disappointed_relieved:

I’m not at a critical part of my build where adsense is gonna cause major issues, but I would like to iron this out so I can test the overall look and feel with these ad types included.

I’ve tried redoing these ads with their classes and attributes from scratch but it doesn’t seem to effect anything. I tried with some code I am using successfully on my current site and these do not work in webflow either.

If you do have any other ideas I might try then I would really appreciate it, it’s getting to the stage where it is becoming an unnecessary distraction from the main build :angry:

Thanks again guys for your anticipated help :blush:


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