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Adobe XD/ Webflow

Hi all,
I have a question. Can anyone explain to me what the connection is between designing in adobe XD and building in Webflow. Or can you build and design in Webflow without a design program like Adobe XD?

You can build a house without plans but result can be disaster and take 10x more time to do that

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Correct, the ability to quickly prototype something in Webflow makes it easy to skip the XD step altogether. That said (like @Stan mentioned), you’ll probably benefit in using a software like XD (or Figma) that you can follow along with when building your design in Webflow.

In terms of “connection” between the two, it basically just serves as a guide that you follow along with—there isn’t any sort of integration that pulls designs from one to the other.

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Okay, thanks for the response!
That makes much more sense now.