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Adobe fonts not fully propagating

I’m using an Adobe font (Scriptorama) on my site, specifically for the various headers. The problem is that only half of the text references the font correctly, the other half default to my previous font selection. I know that others on the forum have experienced similar problems, but I haven’t seen anyone only have the font work on half the text on the same page.

Btw, all the text displays correctly in the designer. The problem only appears on the published site.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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It looks good in my browser, I am not seeing this behavior. What browser are you using?
Perhaps you need to clear your cache. Make sure all you changes are saved before you do!

I did clear the cache and I tried it in incognito mode. Anyways, I think I figured it out… sort of. It looks like it was inheriting some other classes’ value. I’m not experienced enough to understand why. I created a new class and reset all of the properties and that seemed to do the trick.

@brnvdsgn, thanks for helping out.

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