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Admin cant login at ?edit

(first of I know this isnt a bugs, but i couldnt post in the help section of some reason)

Hey there,
Im wondering why, on the PRO account, I cant login to the editor via putting ?edit after the adress, on any site?

Thats becomes quite weird when your’e client sets up their own account and then when I have made the site ready they have to make another user just so they can use ?edit.

Or am I missing something?

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Hi @pondus :wave:

For you to log into the editor you can go through the webflow dashboard, you shouldn’t need or be able to log in with your own credentials unless you set yourself as such.



You can also access this from the designer too.

Hope this makes sense.

Yes I know that. But alot of times it would be so much easier to just add ?edit to the url.

And from the clients perspective its not very straightforward to have to login in, and got via the dots, when they can save clicks with just adding ?edit

Just my two cents…

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What do you mean ‘from the clients perspective’? Does the client not have their own login to go directly to the /? version?

I mean that its the same issue when a client sets up their own WF account.
That their admin-account wont work with ?edit.
So they have to add another user to the CMS and end up with one admin- and one CMS-account.
IF they want to go to the ?edit shortcut.

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