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Adjusting slider height on bigger monitors


Webflow is great and I’m really happy with how my site is turning out.

I did, however, have a bit of a hiccup this morning when I looked at it on a bigger monitor.
I have a slider on my homepage. I have the height set to 625px and the width is Auto.
On my laptop it looks perfect but on a 27" monitor it’s not great.

Any suggestions on how I can scale this up or add a new break point possibly?
Here’s my site:


You mean when people have their browser window set to full screen? That’s always an issue, there’s no breakpoint for upper resolutions. You can join the fight and request a 1280px and up breakpoint to Webflow people (:

That sucks :s
How do I join this fight?
And there no other options at all?

A custom widescreen media query isn’t really very complicated:

@mhodgins , Matt, your slideshow is currently set to 100% wide and auto height. Did you change it since your previous post?

Open a feature request post for the 1200 px and up breakpoint (:

Custom 1200 and up breakpoint, you just figured that out.

Ya I figured it out. Not ideal since it’s gigantic on big browsers but it’s better than before.
I do agree that a higher break point is probably necessary but I’m sure you’re working it :slight_smile:

Oh “I” don’t, I’m not a part of Webflow, just cleaning the forum out of spam mostly (:

I also never got why people set their browser full screen on a 27 inch monitor (: