Adjusting for mobile and tablet only seems to affect a portion of each experience


I am about a couple weeks into the process of learning webflow and I seem to be stuck on making my practice website mobile responsive. The issue I am having is that when I try to adjust the layout for table and mobile view, it is only affecting a portion of each experience. For example when I adjust for mobile landscape, the changes only take place once I make the viewing screen a couple sizes smaller.

Appreciate all the help and advice


Here is my site Read-Only: **[LINK]


A lot of newbies here so don’t feel alone.

Would you be able to rephrase your question? I’m a little confused as to what experience we’re looking for? Or better if you could provide a video of what your issue is.

For example, on mobile landscape, in particular, I am trying to get the bottom two images to match the full-width style of the top image. I am kind of confused why the effect I am trying to achieve only happens as the mobile landscape view shrinks (755 px and below) and not at 767 px

Specifically, I am trying to understand how to get this

to look like this for all of mobile landscape and not just at 755 px and below

Really appreciate all the help

For me there is no problem at mobile-landscape. Both images are at the same width as the top on. Did you have this also at your online site?