Adjust image outside, but in container?

Hey guys,

I’m trying to achieve something similar to this website --> .
I want to have a text box on the one side and an image box on the other. The image should overflow the “right border” on smaller screens - but the whole row should be centered on larger screens . Therefore I created a row with one text column and one image column. The problem is now that the row wont be centered in the middle on larger screen sizes.

Hopefully you understand my problem :smiley: hard to explain…
I think if you’re going to zoom out of the invisionapp website, you will understand what I want to achieve.

This is the link to my site …

Thank you very much!


Watch the building video tutorial as has a bunch of these in it that are covered. See about 27 mins in where he starts building something similar

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But will it be centered with this method ? Because I tried something similar and it wasn’t centered on bigger screens?!

If you set it usign the two column container like it shows at about 38 mins into the video then it will be centered at large size

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Ok thank you very much! I’m going to try it and will report! :slight_smile:

Ok its working! Thank you very much for helping me!


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