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Hey! I’m new to Webflow, which I’ve decided to use to build my new portfolio site. I was wondering how I could vertically center the graphic on the right, so it’s centered with the text & icons on the left? When resizing the page, the graphic gets resized into the top-left corner of the column, which is an awkward position. They’re both in columns, which are in a container. Thanks!

Here’s what it looks like resized:

Full size:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Portfolio

HI @jasnzhng and welcome. I see that lots of people use mainly text columns in WF as basic building blocks for web-design and this is not the way to go as these predefined elements have their limits. Text columns should be used only when you need long article text slit into columns as eg. in newspaper. I have made short video that may help you achieve your design with use of standard elements.

Thank you so much for the very detailed explanation and video tutorial! This was way more useful than the Webflow tutorial videos I’ve been following. I’m now using Div blocks for my site’s structure and everything is much easier to control and make orderly.

I was originally using columns/sections because I was following Webflow’s 21 Day Portfolio course, and that’s what they were using. Thank you so much again!

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