Can't add font weights to preloaded google gonts

Hi guys

I don’t see the manner in which I can add additional weights to my fonts, for instance, I have Merriweather and it seems that there is no way I can add additional weights?

Is there some way I can do this with JS?


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Hello Wouter!

I’m familiar with how to add custom fonts, the problem is that because merriweather is already added by default, there doesn’t seem to be a way to select it and add additional font weights.

If you go over Google Fonts website, you’ll see that these are the only font weights for merriweather.

You can try using Merriweather Sans which offers more fonts

Thanks, what was happening was that I was using the bold button to bold the text and it was showing up as bold in the GUI but not on the actual published URL. when I changed it to bold (not the b button) it seemed to do the trick.

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