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Adding Youtube Videos in CMS collections

hi guys!
I need help! I added 3 youtube links to an item in my collections and are not showing on the design. I am a little bit stuck!

Here is my site Read-Only:
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The same way you add the image, and text, and photos, you must add the Youtube link from the Youtube Link block element,

Thanks for the help!
I did add the YT element to the Collection Item in the designer but it doesn’t show any option to link it to the video links placed inside the collection. If I link the Youtube element in the design with a link It’ll show below every image and different projects and I don’t want that to happen :frowning:

Add the CMS collection list item and then add the Youtube Link inside of it.

OR you add it to an already existing CMS collection.

I did not see the youtube link block in the designer

the youtube link is inside an item in the collection.

But there’s nowhere for me to link it to in the designer.