Adding Whoisvisiting to Webflow website

We are trying to ad to our website. They are requesting that we paste a certain code into any pages we want them to track . Where do I place this code so it doesn’t ruin the webflow coding?

You will need to be on a paid plan to have access to the costume code sections on the site.

You can either past the code into the custom code fields in the settings section of the project. This will put the code on all pages.

If you want it on specific pages you can go into the designer and select the settings on each page. If you scroll to the bottom of the settings you will find the custom code section for that page.

Very helpful. I have the paid plan. However I am very new to webflow as it was just kinda thrown in my lap and I’m learning as I go. Is there a specific place in custom code fields this should be placed.

No problem,

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