Adding tags to a Webflow request to Mailchimp via API


I’m following this article on connecting Mailchimp to Webflow using Logic. I have everything set up, but I can’t add tags or other form fields to the request. I need this to segment the audience signing up on my website. I attached an image with the error. When I remove the “tags” field, it works. I tried several permutations (e.g., renaming tags to the actual tag name, playing around with the syntax, etc.). Mailchimp support has not been able to help. Any help on this urgent request would be so very appreciated.

Attached image here with one failed test:

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Mailchimp seems to have some problems here.
The comments in their github issues may help you.


+1 I’m trying to solve for the exact same issue, and have had the same experience troubleshooting it so far. Works great without the tags, but I haven’t been successful with the tags in any arrangement I’ve tried.

Please keep us posted on your progress, will do the same!

Hi all!

Figured out how to do tags! Attached the code below and used logic conditionals to rig it properly. Hope this is helpful for any other folks who have this issue moving forward.

This is the body text that works for me:

	"email_address": "Email",
         "tags": ["tag1", "tag2", "tag3"],
	"status": "subscribed"

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Thanks @jayyzhu — You nailed it! Was just coming back to post a solution too, Chris from webflow support helped out with this:

The issue you’re facing may be due to how tags are handled in the MailChimp API. Given the errors you’re receiving, it looks like the tags should be an array of strings rather than an array of objects. Each tag should be a simple string, representing the tag name.

Here is how you should structure the “tags” field in the body:

"tags": ["tag1", "tag2", "tag3"]

This implies that you want to add tags named “tag1” “tag2” and “tag3” to the member. No status needs to be provided for the tag - if the tag exists, it will be added to the member; if it doesn’t exist, it will be created and then added.

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