How to send names to Mailchimp? Merge Tags & API connection

Hi there,

Does anyone know how to connect the name fields in Webflow to Mailchimp? Unfortunately, the Webflow official tutorial only covers the email field, which is pretty lame considering the fname and lname merge tags are kinda standard!

I’ve been able to figure out how to add a tag, but my name fields aren’t connecting. Ideally I’d also like to connect a business field.

My body code reads:

“email_address”: “EMAIL”,
“NAME”: “First Name”,
“LNAME”:" Last Name",
“status”: “subscribed”

Thanks a million to who can help out with this one.


Please use this, i hope it will work.

“email_address”: “EMAIL”,
“tags”: [“Signatories”],
“merge_fields”: {
“FNAME”: “First Name”,
“LNAME”: “Last Name”,
“BUSINESS”: “Business Field”
“status”: “subscribed”

Thank you

That’s it thank you so much. For anyone else that has the same problem, the tag used in the code above aligned with one I already set up in Mailchimp, and you must use the purple dot to connect the relevant fields - see pic below.


Any chance you also know how to connect the field to a list? Eg. marketing subscriber if they opt-in.