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Adding shapes to my design

Hey, sorry if this is something I should know but I just started using Webflow (free plan) after usually using Adobe XD. I’m currently struggling to find something within the design panel which allows me to use shapes. For example, simple lines, squares, etc.

The easiest solution would be to style a div block.

Circle - Add a div block, set a size like 100x100, set a background color, then add a large radius under border to make it a circle.

Line - Add a div block, set it to 1px height, whatever width you need, set the background color


Thanks for the help! Also, is there a way to bend/curve these shapes?

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hello, just started this of the shapes and I’m looking for the same, do you use only dov or you import SVG maybe for some of the shapes??

cheers :raising_hand_man:t2:

If it’s more complex shape, definitely import an SVG or something.

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