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2020 UPDATE: I am embarrassed I even asked the below question at this point. My web design skills have grown in leaps and bounds since 2018 and shape dividers are easy peasy. I now use Affinity Designer ($50 lifetime access) to create all vector shapes for things like dividers, and it couldn’t be easier. Webflow is bomb.

Hey Webflow peeps,

So I’ve been making the case for Webflow vs. Elementor in my team for a few weeks now, and on most counts Webflow seems to be the best option. When it comes to designing a website, you have far more control in Webflow. However, there seems to be one glaring shortcoming when it comes to shape dividers:

Elementor has a very simple interface for creating shape dividers to match the aesthetic of your website, but after hours of searching online I can’t find an explanation of how to accomplish the same effects in Webflow.

I’ve watched almost all of the Webflow video tutorials, so I apologize if I missed something. Can someone give me some advice here?

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There is no built in functionality for this but it’s not like it is hard to simply create svg’s with the desired forms and colours, and put them on top (or bottom) of any section you create.

Hi Dram,

Thanks for the quick response!

Is there a good tool for creating SVGs (I’m a newbie)?


Check this out, mate. Just pick what you think sounds best for you. I personally do all my drawings in Illustrator, and was doing this for many years so I am not a good source of information about other programs :smiley:

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I found this free online tool called “Vectr” that is as simple as it gets and pretty much does exactly what I was looking for: https://vectr.com.

Thanks again for your help!



Looking good. It even has layers. Not bad for a free online tool. Not bad at all.

Following up on this three years later! If you’re reading this and are a newb like I was, consider getting Affinity Designer :slight_smile:

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