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Adding no follow links through webflow CMS

I’ve been putting it into the sitewide code instead, is there a reason why it wouldn’t work there?

I’m unsure, but test it locally and see if a page by page basis is manageable for you. At the CMS page level, the code should be rather all-encompassing for most needs (such as blog posts).

Unfortunately, none of these suggestions above would work. Here’s why:

rel=“nofollow” matters to search engine bots, and these bots evaluate HTML source of the pages before scripts are executed (this happens in page visitor’s browser).

So, if you look at the source of the page with this solution the links would NOT have rel=“nofollow” but if you inspect the link element in Chrome, you would see rel=“nofollow” as it’s been injected by script during page load and rendering.

So it looks like Webflow needs to add the ability to mark links “nofollow” in CMS rich text editor!

This is a very big deal… honestly anybody with a content marketing strategy is probably going to leave the platform because of this. I know I am thinking of doing so now.

Google Search runs JavaScript with an evergreen version of Chromium and honors things like dynamically adding a noindex meta tag to a page. There is absolutely no reason to believe that it would discount link attributes, if present in the rendered content, that it crawls with Chromium (just like a real user).

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@webdev a quick search showed that apparently in the case of dynamically inserted rel=“nofollow” attribute to the links, the google bot still processed the link because it happens before execution of the JavaScript unfortunately:

Therefore it is still a critical issue.

Webflow is largely seen as fast loading, SEO optimized platform. This could be resolved fairly straightforward in one of these ways:

  • add an option for custom CMS pre-processing
  • add an option to add nofollow to links in CMS as an attribute

Thanks in advance

2015 version of the google crawler was pretty limited. I stand by my research.

is there a way to do a no nofollow for a link in a specific page in a CMS?

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