Adding dynamic tables to Webflow rich text areas [HACK]

I’m often needing to add things like pricing tables to client websites, or embed a table of figures in a blog post, and it’s a pain that Webflow’s rich text areas don’t support tables.

Here’s a hacky but reasonably functional way around that limitation;

I did just as it has to be done. But its only an icon of a broken image on live site. What could be wrong?

Now that I pasted it here, it’s working. On a live and published site it’s not :confused:

Either the URL is wrong, or you haven’t made the document viewable to the public.

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TRUE, that was an issue.
How come that here on forum, worked? :thinking:

I’m not sure, I can’t see your site, but my guess would be that your <img> tag is broken. Make sure it’s HTML5.

Try embedding another valid image URL, like this one-