Webflow cannot handle tables, even with HTML embed!

I asked using tables before and it was suggested to use the embed tag to embed a table. So I just set one up. However, the embed limits you to 10,000 characters.

Result, the table won’t import.

I can find no functional way to use a table on a webflow site without taking a screenshot, which is just silly as I would like to offer a script that sorts the columns in the table when clicked & load that table with dynamic content.

I submit this question during the live feed and it as far as I saw went unanswered.

It is quite shocking to see no support for such a widely used tag.

How can I embed tables in a webflow project?

You could host the HTML externally and pull it into your page via Ajax.

We are considering this once the backend gets build up. However, to convey the idea to the dev team, I want to drop a table in there to organize & structure the data we need.

I would be much more user friendly to be able to edit the table once in place. I guess there is simply no way to do this in webflow… without setting up another hosting platform.

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If you’re simply conveying the idea, just truncate the table content so it fits in 10,000 chars.

If you want to display all of the table content, from a CSV source ( Google Sheets works great for this ), you can use my Sygnal Webflow Utils library-

If you’re wanting a more advanced UI, with sortable columns and such, there are good JS libraries for that, but you’ll need to do some integration work.