CMS Tabs with Conditional Visibility

Hey Guys,

I’ve created a CMS Collection called “Projects” that is going to be used to upload work for our portfolio. Inside of the Projects Template page, I’m using tabs to display the different executions by medium. Right now, I have tabs for “case study, images, and video” that are being populated with content from the CMS fields.

Not every project has the same kinds of content, so I added conditional visibility conditions to the tabs so they won’t appear if there isn’t any content to display. Everything seems to be working fine except when the active tab that I selected in the tabs setting (ex. Videos) is hidden on a page.

In the screenshots you can see that PopCorners page is exactly what I want to happen when the page loads. When going to a page like Unreal though, the “Images” tab is the only one visible, which is perfect since only images are connected with that project, but it is collapsed when the page loads. I want that to be expanded when you visit it for the first time.

Is there a way to change what the active tab is depending on its conditional visibility?

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Did you ever figure this out @Dan_Helvetica ? I’m trying to do exactly the same thing!