Adding CMS content from mobile with Phoneflow

G’day all,

I’m in the process of adding a photo gallery to my site, and am experimenting with ways to upload photos straight from my phone/mobile device.

The most success i’ve had is with the Phoneflow App, which I’ve been using for about 6 months now. The app itself has very mixed reviews, although I personally have found it rather useful for adding or updating any of my CMS streams (in addition to the photo gallery).

Though I’m wondering if this is the best solution for adding to your CMS via mobile? The Phoneflow app costs money, but ideally Webflow itself should have the same mobile functionality… does it? If not, is it a feature that is in the works?

Does anyone else have any experience/solutions to making any Webflow CMS edits from mobile?

To follow up, i’ve been using Phoneflow pretty extensively for the past week now. It seems great with all the functionality I seem to need. But again, am i missing something within Webflow? Does it not have the ability to do the same?

Webflow offers the designer and editor, which are both web apps that require a desktop browser to work. There isn’t any mobile app.

Since every user would have different use cases as to what they’d want a mobile-based workflow to look like, you just build that yourself using apps, automation, and the Webflow API. Most of these offer nocode approaches so you more or less just Lego them together the way you like.

thanks for your reply Michael.

when you say “build that yourself”, building an app, and probably the api, would both be out of my skillset (im just a creative building his own showcase website). though what do you mean by “automation”? would that be the ‘low hanging fruit’ from your suggestions? and how would i use automation to make it possible to manage my cms (upload photos to a gallery/create and edit blog posts) from my mobile?

I’d appreciate any resources you could point me towards?


Dig into or Zapier ( these are automation service platforms ) and experiment with the Webflow API. For photo uploads, you’d need to find a workflow and toolset that makes sense for what you’re wanting to accomplish, e.g.

Camera → Dropbox → triggers Make → uploads to Webflow CMS

If you’re trying to build a full admin system for your blog, you’ll need an interface, so you’ll probably need to kick it up a notch with tools like Wized.

Not much more advice I can give than that- you have a steep learning curve ahead, but these are all nocode tools which can give you a lot of basic capability. Once you learn the legos you’ll understand what you can realistically build with them.

Otherwise you’ll need to hire a dev to help you work out your project plan and how to implement a basic admin system.

Another approach might be to try syncing your blog to Airtable, and then use whatever mobile support Airtable give you for content editing and creation. Look into Powerimporter Pro and Whalesync for the sync part. Google can help with your mobile Airtable options.

Hey there…

Phoneflow looks nice.

I’ve not used Phoneflow but it looks like a native app wrapper around a web page (very common approach) to turn Webflow into a mobile app.

If you take Phoneflow out of the scenario, what your asking for should work just fine (I’m assuming it would work just the same within a Phoneflow app as well).

Here are your 3 steps for success:

  • Just use Uploadcare’s Webflow Integration to integrate it into your Webflow site. This allows users to do the file uploads into Uploadcare directly from your Webflow page.

  • Next, use Uploadcare’s Make (Integromat) or Zapier integration to move the uploaded files into the Webflow CMS. This may sound like a big deal, but it’s really easy (see below).

  • Then, display your image gallery from a Webflow CMS Template Page.


Here are some screencasts & tutorials of mine that show you how to do parts of what you need in both Make (recommended tool) and Zapier. They’ll get you familiar with it:

…and a bunch more on the blog.

I doubt it.

I show people who say that very same thing how to make all of this work through those screencasts & tutorials.

Set aside some time to run through them and build what they show you.

I’ll bet you too can wire it all together just fine :+1: