Repeat interaction on every page?

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I followed the instructions at Scroll Progress Indicator - Webflow interactions and animations tutorial - YouTube and now have a progress bar inside my navbar element, below the menu. Now because the progress bar is inside the navbar symbol, the bar itself is nicely copied to all other pages that have the navbar, but the interaction is not: it works on the homepage, but not on any other page (it just shows the bar at 100%).

How do I get the interaction to be included inside the symbol so it’s neatly copied over to the other instances of the navbar?

I don’t think you can reuse the “on current page” kind of interactions on different pages. Only triggers and elements from the symbol can be reused.

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Just checking in since it’s 2020 now, and I’m finally getting around to using interactions. I have a similar situation with a “join” modal interaction. It’s on every page but also depends on a Page Load trigger.

Is there any way to place Page Load interactions inside a symbol, or on every page?


I just did a nice on load animation. Sure, it seems semi-illogical to have a page trigger animation attached to an element. But, the element is my preloaded element. I know I have to manually copy that to every page, but it would be great to make it a symbol at least, and have the page load animation attached to it.

At the very least, can we not be able to save page load trigger “sets”? That would at least save a number of mouse clicks I now have to manually do on every page. Sometimes, the amount of automation in Webflow is amazing. Sometimes, it’s complete and total lack of automation for some things blows me away… such as this. I have 20 some pages I now have to over and over and over again keep setting up the same thing.

Something to ponder… or, is there some secret solution now? Cheers!

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Just built a quick cookie consent modal that appears on page load, and I’m running into the same issue. Would be great to have site-wide page load interactions

I have the same problem… I would like to have a transition for every page on page load, I’ve attached the page load trigger inside a symbol so would expect it to apply on every page but it doesn’t, and I need to add the page load trigger to every page separately which is not really scalable… any solution for this?


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OMG I just noticed this message originated from 2017 :pensive:

You cannot attach “on page load” trigger inside a symbol since this trigger is not an element but the page itself.

The solution is to make use of “element in view” trigger and attach it to an element. Depending on your use case it could work.

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2022 and still the same problem, it drives me nuts…even if I set the animations on Class it doesn’t work on “while page is scrolling”