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Adding an infographic on a blog post

Hi there,

I couldn’t paste an embed code of an infographic I created in a blog post… not sure if there a way to do it, or a workaround other people used to publish an infographic?

The link I have (there are several (responsive or fixed width) in the program I used to create the infographic, Visme) is here:

Created using Visme. An easy-to-use Infographic Maker.

The general info I find regarding how to post them is the following (because I want it to count for SEO):
Embed codes allow others to publish your infographic on their website by providing the necessary code. By providing embed codes to make it easy for your visitors to share your infographics on their own blog is not only a great way to generate some inbound links, since the embedded image will automatically link back to your website.

Will love to get your input!

Hi @Jonathan_Magnin

Are you using the Webflow CMS to build your blog?

If so and you want to include this infographic in your Collection items of blog posts, you will need to create a plain text field(multi-line) in your collection. Then you can insert the embed into your plain text field when creating a new blog post.

Finally you can add an HTML Embed widget and use the dynamic + Add Field button to insert the content from the plain text field.

Here is a quick video showing these steps:

Hope this helps!


Hi Brandon,
Thanks for your help and for the video and yes I use the Webflow CMS - however I still didn’t manage to make it work, even though I believe I followed every step you show in your video.
I must miss something as the infographic embed code is still showing instead of the actual infographic.

Thanks for your help in this matter,
J -

Hey @Jonathan_Magnin

You’ll need to move the <script> to your page settings before the</body>.

Here is a GIF showing this:

Hope this helps! :smiley:

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for your answer, however… I’m sure you’re a genius in this and you got it all sorted out, but I just spent half an hour trying to figure out what to do and honestly I have no idea :frowning:

Watching your video and gif again and again is not helping, sorry.
I’m trying to add an infographic on this page , and I need to write down all the steps to be able to post this one and more down the line on various blog pages.

But I don’t get your last bit of moving the to my page settings before the , and your gif is super fast so I don’t get your example as you use the main page and not a blog page.

Would you mind to clear my doubts?
Thanks again and my apologies,
J -

Hi @Jonathan_Magnin

Sorry about the super fast GIF. Sometimes the frame rate on those is super fast.

Here is a video showing a solution you can use:

Hope this helps!

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