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Adding Embed Code for Reader to Take


I want to upload infographics to my blog posts. I also want to add code that will allow readers to easily share/use the infographic. Can anybody tell me how I can do this?


Hi Joy and welcome on this forum.

A few precisions are needed to answer your quite broad question :slight_smile:

  1. Are infographics just images? Like a jpg or a png file?
  2. Are you using the CMS to show/add new infographics and generate their sharing code?
  3. What’s the “share” you have in mind? Code that users will paste in… social networks like Twitter or Facebook, code that they’ll insert in their web pages? Something else?


Thanks for your help!

  1. Yes, they are just images
  2. No. I’m not sure how to do this
  3. Mostly code that they will insert in web pages