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Embed CMS information into a Rich Text Field

Is it possible to embed CMS information inside of a rich text element from ANOTHER CMS? I want to add a tool section with a picture, description and link anytime I mention a product in a blog post. I’ve got a CMS set up that has all of that tool information but I want to bring it into the rich text field of the actual blog post.

I know I can link them and then have it show up somewhere else in the page but I would love to have it actually inside the main post. Potentially with multiple products linked at different points depending on the blog post.

Here is a video that better explains it:

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Hi @makeorbreakshop Brandon,

Unfortunately, what you are trying to do is not possible the way you are describing. However, you could possibly use the embed feature, some custom code and create your own iframe from that link. How it would be coded, not sure, thats beyond my knowledge, but with the embed element now in rich text fields, you can do almost anything.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~

Got it.

So then is it possible to design that box in webflow and somehow export just the HTML from it? (I don’t know how to code it from scratch) and then copy and paste the HTML in a code embed in the rich text box?


TBH, I am not sure about that.

@webdev @Noah-R @vincent any thoughts here?

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

I don’t recommend it. What’s appropriate for emails is very specific, limited, and has to be very efficient. There are dedicated tools for that.

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